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the Carnton novels

A Christmas novella to launch a brand new three-book Southern series entitled The Carnton Novels


Photo credit: Eric A. Jacobson, CEO and Historian, The Battle of Franklin Trust

the Belle Meade Plantation novels

Southern romance and intrigue set against the real history of Nashville’s historic Belle Meade Plantation

Books 1 - 3 
& a novella


To Mend a Dream (a Belle Meade novella) is included in the Among the Fair Magnolias print/eBook collection—or individually in eBook alone)

Buy To Wager Her Heart

Romantic Times 4 star review!

the Belmont Mansion novels

Southern romance and intrigue set against the real history of Nashville’s historic Belmont Mansion

Books 1 - 3                     


Timber Ridge Reflections

Award-winning series with romance, murder,  and intrigue in the Colorado Rockies

Books 1 -  3

Fountain Creek Chronicles

Award-winning series following three couples who  forge their lives—and love—in the Colorado Territory

Books 1 - 3

The Inheritance (not in a series)

An unexpected inheritance.  An unknown future.
An unending love. 

A note from Tamera about her Southern mansion series...

I’ve written the two three-book Southern series (the Belmont Mansion novels and the Belle Meade Plantation novels) to be read together. You don't have to wait for all three books in a particular series to release before reading the next series. 

All of the Southern mansion books are "stand alone" novels, meaning each novel is a complete story in itself. But because the families in the mansions actually knew one another in the 1800s and since their lives connected back then, it only made sense that they should connect again on the pages of these novels. 

So as you read a Belle Meade Plantation novel, for instance, you may catch a glimpse of a character from a Belmont Mansion novel. Stranger things have happened! Hope you enjoy! 

Special Tours for Readers at Nashville Historic Mansions

Both the Belmont Mansion and Belle Meade Plantation offer special tours for readers of Tamera's novels. Belmont Mansion offers the A Lasting Impression  tour, and Belle Meade Plantation offers the To Whisper Her Name  tour. Contact the mansions to book your special reader tour.

Belmont Mansion
Nashville, TN
A Lasting Impression Tour
Kate Wilson (Director of Operations) 

Nashville, TN
To Whisper Her Name Tour
Mark James (Group Sales Mgr)

Belle Meade Gift Shop
Joanne Floyd (Museum Store Mgr)
615-356-0501 (Gift Shop)
800-270-3991 (Gift Shop)


Foreign Editions

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