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Many of you ask, "So what's the real history in each novel and what's made up?" Well, here you go... Truth? Or Fiction? But . . .

WARNING! Spoilers Abound! 

So you may not want to read these documents before you've read the novel(s). Unless, of course, you're one of "those" people!" : )

Truth? Or Fiction? — A Note Yet Unsung

Truth? Or Fiction? — To Wager Her Heart

Truth? Or Fiction? for the rest of Tamera's novels are coming soon!

Do you have a question about what's truth or fiction in any of the following novels? 

Tamera would love to answer your specific questions, so please write her HERE


Belle Meade Plantation novel, bk 1

Belle Meade Plantation novel, bk 2

Belle Meade Plantation novella


Carnton novella

The Inheritance

Belmont Mansion novel, book 1

Belmont Mansion novel, book 2


Timber Ridge Reflections, book 1

Timber Ridge Reflections, book 2

Timber Ridge Reflections, book 3

Fountain Creek Chronicles, book 1

Fountain Creek Chronicles, book 2

Fountain Creek Chronicles, book 3

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