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Many of you ask, "So what's the real history in each novel and what's made up?" Well, here you go... Truth? Or Fiction?

But be careful! SPOILERS ABOUND! 

So you may not want to read these documents before you've read the novel(s). Unless, of course, you're one of "those" people!" : )

Truth? Or Fiction? — A Note Yet Unsung

Truth? Or Fiction? — To Wager Her Heart

Truth? Or Fiction? for the rest of Tamera's novels are coming soon!

Do you have a question about what's truth or fiction in any of the following novels? 

Tamera would love to answer your specific questions, so please write her HERE


Belle Meade Plantation novel, bk 1

Belle Meade Plantation novel, bk 2

Belle Meade Plantation novella


Carnton novella

The Inheritance

Belmont Mansion novel, book 1

Belmont Mansion novel, book 2


Timber Ridge Reflections, book 1

Timber Ridge Reflections, book 2

Timber Ridge Reflections, book 3

Fountain Creek Chronicles, book 1

Fountain Creek Chronicles, book 2

Fountain Creek Chronicles, book 3

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