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A note from Tamera . . .

A Million Little Choices—my first contemporary, first first-person-POV, and first dual-story line novel—is a story I'm especially eager to share with you. And it's available now!

The stories that have lived inside me the longest are often the most difficult to write, and A Million Little Choices was certainly that. Not only because of the subject matter—marriage and infidelity—but because these characters are all so real to me and the settings so tangible, that "first words on the page" often felt frustratingly inadequate and thin compared to the living, breathing movie inside me.

But I drew closer to Christ in the writing, and pray you do, too, in the reading!


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Sometimes secrets just won't stay hidden . . .

Two women from different centuries living in the same house share strikingly similar journeys.

Claire Powell’s life is turned upside down when her beloved husband admits to a “near affair.” But when Stephen accepts a partnership with an Atlanta law firm without consulting her and buys a historic Southern home sight-unseen—it pushes their already-fractured marriage to the breaking point. Claire’s world spirals, and she soon finds herself in a marriage she no longer wants, in a house she never asked for.

In 1863, Charlotte Thursmann, pregnant and trapped in a marriage to an abusive husband, struggles to protect her unborn child and the enslaved members of her household. Desperate, she’s determined to right the evils her husband and others like him commit. But how can one woman put an end to such injustice? Especially if her husband makes good on his threat to kill her?

Both Claire and Charlotte discover truths about themselves they never realized, along with secrets long hidden that hold the power to bring God’s restoration—if only they choose to let it.

Reading with your book club? Discussion questions included in the book!

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An inside peek into Tamera's newest novel . . .

What others are saying...

“This engrossing, redemptive story kept me guessing and hoping as I followed a fascinating cast of characters on their journeys toward healing and faith. Tamera Alexander digs deep into the myriad seemingly small choices we each make every day—choices that can lead to devastation or to triumph, depending on the path we choose. A lush and moody setting and Alexander’s consummate skill with words draw you in and don’t let go.”
—Deborah Raney, author of Breath of Heaven and Bridges

A Million Little Choices was one of those rare, engaging novels that I simply couldn’t put down. Tamera Alexander’s characters lived and breathed, thoroughly immersing me in their lives and struggles. As the plots of two time periods intertwined, Christ’s power to redeem even the most tragic circumstances shines through. Don’t miss this compelling novel.
—Lynn Austin, bestselling author of Long Way Home

"I couldn’t put the book down. It was that good! Tamera Alexander does a masterful job at showing a marriage on the brink, and that what we do in our minds and hearts matters—not just what we do with our bodies. A Million Little Choices is a wonderfully rich story woven through with love, humor, and spiritual insights that simply will not let you stop reading!”
—Francine Rivers, NYT bestselling author of Redeeming Love and The Lady’s Mine

"In A Million Little Choices, Tamera Alexander deftly blends the story of a contemporary marriage—on the brink due to shattered trust—with a breathtaking historical saga set in the same location. With the flair for which the critically acclaimed USA Today bestselling novelist is famous, Tammy thrills us anew with the mysteriously parallel stories of two heroic women, generations apart.”
—Jerry B. Jenkins, NYT bestselling author of The Left Behind series

“With poignant honesty, Tamera Alexander has penned a timeless tale of marriage and family, brokenness and betrayal, faith and forgiveness, reminding us that every decision a person makes has ripple effects, sometimes lasting for generations. In A Million Little Choices, Alexander skillfully weaves the past with the present, bringing out long-buried secrets that captivated me and had me turning pages well past my bedtime. This hope-filled story will undoubtedly serve as a beacon of light for each and every reader.” 

—Michelle Shocklee, Christianity Today Book Award-winning author of Count the Nights by Stars

"In A Million Little Choices, Tamera Alexander tells a story that will lift your heart to the heavens even as it drives your knees to the floor. I laughed and I cried. I despaired and I rejoiced. Don’t miss this one. It’s a masterpiece.
—Robin Lee Hatcher, bestselling author of I’ll Be Seeing You

“In A Million Little Choices, Alexander pens a poignant tale of two women, separated by time but woven together by threads of faith and hardship. Relatable characters, high stakes, and a richly-layered plot keep the pages turning. This compelling dual-time story will have you reading late into the night!”
—Denise Hunter, bestselling author of the Riverbend Romance series

"Alexander's voice shines in her first dual-time novel. A Million Little Choices shows how love and forgiveness and letting go of the past can lead to freedom, if we let it. With a rich historic setting and real-life characters, the story will stick with you long after the final page."
—Rachel Hauck, NYT bestselling author of The Wedding Dress

"A propulsive tale of marital infidelity and a Southern home overrun with secrets. Vividly rendered, nuanced and complex...a heartfelt commentary on faith and the redemptive power of forgiveness."
—Publishers Weekly Review

Coming in 2024

Carnton, book 3,

the finale in the bestselling Carnton novels series

Many of you have asked, "Why is it taking so long to write the third Carnton book?"

Well, while writing Carnton book 3, I was contacted by Focus on the Family to be part of a new contemporary fiction line with them, along with authors Chris Fabry and Angela Hunt. And with Jerry Jenkins as the lead editor. After I made sure they hadn't called the wrong number, I quickly signed on. 

That book? A Million Little Choices shown above (November 2023).

Meanwhile, I'm happily returning to the beloved Carnton setting to finish the third and final novel in that series. Care to guess who it's about? I'll give you a hint...

She's the cute little red-haired scamp in Colors of Truth —pictured below on the cover with her older sister Catriona.
Yep, it's Nora O'Toole all grown up!

Writing Nora as an adult is a trip, and she more than meets her romantic match in this story. Not to mention we'll wrap up the real Carnton history and walk the familiar halls and rooms of that house together one last time.

Carnton 3 has a scheduled release of Fall 2024.

Thank you for entrusting your time to me. It's a gift I treasure and never take for granted.

Much love from Nashville,


Check out the Carnton novels . . .

Amid war and the fading dream of the Confederacy, a wounded soldier and a destitute widow discover the true meaning of Christmas—and of sacrificial love.

#1 Amazon Bestseller

ECPA TOP 5 Bestseller

2018 Carol Award WINNER

2018 Holt Medallion Finalist

From the pages of history and accounts of those who endured the Battle of Franklin, Tamera Alexander weaves real-life love letters into a story of unlikely romance first kindled amid the shadows of the Civil War.

#1 Amazon Bestseller Inspirational Historical Fiction

#1 Publisher's Weekly Religion Top Fiction (Starred Review)

#2 ECPA Bestseller

2019 Christy Award WINNER

In a town battered and bruised by war, one woman embarks upon an impossible search—and one man must face the past in the very place that almost destroyed him.

#1 Amazon Bestseller Christian Historical Fiction

#1 Amazon Bestseller American Historical Fiction

#1 Amazon Bestseller Religious Historical Fiction

2021 Readers' Choice Award Winner

The story behind Colors of Truth, Carnton book 2 . . .

Praise for Colors of Truth

"This book was so well written that I could hardly put it down. This book is a timely story it seems even after all these years."
~ Dana from Goodreads (5 stars)

"Tamera Alexander has written a masterpiece. Her heart is in this book. I very highly recommend."
~ Susan Snodgrass from Goodreads (5 stars)

"I love the faith content of the book. It was so refreshing. I loved seeing how the characters...stand for truth no matter how it hurt. That was a trait worth emulating in this book."
~ Ebos Aifuobhokan from Goodreads

"Tamera Alexander has done it again! With her thorough research combined with phenomenal storytelling skills, she was woven a story full of history, romance, and intrigue... You won't want to miss this book!" 
~ Early Reviewer (5 stars)

"The sign of a good book is closing the final page and feeling like you've lived and breathed through the characters within. Colors of Truth is one of those books. This book was more than I expected."
~ Courtney | Soul of a Librarian (4 stars)
"Another excellent historical romance from Tamera Alexander!"
Erin Laramore from Goodreads (5 stars)

"If you are a fan of historical fiction, especially Civil War era fiction, you will love Colors of Truth."
~ Michelle Kidwell from Goodreads (5 stars)

"This is a beautiful story set in the South after the Civil War. Tamera does a wonderful job with her depth of characters and weaving an intriguing story. Highly recommended."
~ Denise from Goodreads (5 stars)

"I loved how the secrets between [the characters] were handled. I wish I could say more...but [no] spoilers! The spiritual message about trust was very powerful and the end was action packed and riveting and perfect."
~ Monique from Goodreads (4 stars)

"This book kept my interest from the stirring beginning to the teary-eyed, satisfying end. Even though it is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone, and I highly recommend it as a must-read!"
~ Carolyn Bryant from Goodreads (5 stars)
"This book worked its way into every fiber of my being! The characters were fantastic and felt like family... The history written within these pages came to life and it was as if I was standing watching everything play out. This book will stick with you for days, incredible read!"
~ Shonda from Goodreads (5 stars)

"I think what I love about this author's books is that she always puts truth in her novels and yes even history lessons too! I especially loved and didn't know about the counterfeit money that circled after the Civil War. I highly recommend this book!"
~ Lori from Goodreads (5 stars)

"Time and again, I am delighted by Alexander's stunning ability to mold fact and fiction. Her books are ones I read over and over again, continually in love with every character and setting."
~ Kathryn Voss from Goodreads (5 stars)

"A compelling page turner and the best of historical fiction."
~ Maureen Timerman (5 stars)

Cancellation of Colors of Truth

Delay in publication of Colors of Truth

Welcome to Carnton in Franklin, TN

Writing Real History in the Carnton novels

Origin of the McGavock Cemetery

Favorite reader quotes—including reader-designed images—from Colors of Truth

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