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October 2, 2018 By Tamera Alexander

I've recently been going through the last few boxes of stuff we inherited when Mom passed in 2009. It's been a lengthy process of holding onto stuff then learning to let go—I know you know what I mean. And in the process, I came across a slew of old pics.


This is from early high school years. And to think...back then I really loved this dress!! Seeing that side table reminds me of how many times I dusted it through the years. There was a copy of Leaves on Gold  on the bottom shelf (does anyone else remember that book?). And those little Dutch shoes were a souvenir Mom got in The Netherlands on a trip we took when I was nine years old.


My big brother, Doug, and me at Christmas (probably 1966 or so). I was thrilled to get a Mrs. Potato head! Did anyone else love playing with all those parts? The possibilities were endless!

Mom and Dad on their wedding day—March 28, 1952. My maternal grandmother, Dale, on the left. And my paternal grandmother, Agnes, on the right.  Dale, Agnes, and Mom (June) are all Home now, waiting to give welcome. Dad is still with us, and I'm cherishing every day with him! In fact, I'm headed back to Atlanta this week to spend time with him.


Mom, me, and Claudette (my mother-in-love). I fell in love with Claudette before even meeting my husband Joe! Claudette was my girl's club sponsor at Harding College (now University) in Searcy, Arkansas, and once Claudette and June met and put their heads together… Well, the rest was history, as they say. Let's just say arranged marriages work!

Filtering through these boxes and envelopes of pictures and mementos Mom saved is precious. It feels like a visit with her. An unexpected but cherished one. I'm so grateful.

Blessings on your week, friends,