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Congrats to the following winners of December's Giveaway!

Congrats to the above winners who each won pie plates!

Welcome to the Christmas Gift Guide for your Bookish Friends GIVEAWAY 
where ten writing buddies and I 
are offering you a chance to WIN 
one of eleven 
to use this Christmas! 

That's right! Eleven pie plates. Each author is choosing a pie plate she loves and is sending that to one special reader!

Read on to learn how to enter to win!

How do I enter the giveaway?

Entering to win is simple!

 It involves TWO SIMPLE STEPS:

STEP #1 Follow each author on BookBub—

The links to each author's BookBub page are below. Click the link (which opens a new page, taking you to that author's BookBub page), and then click FOLLOW. Then come back to this page (which will still be open on your browser) and click the next author, and the next, etc... 

STEP #2 Open the Rafflecopter box at the very bottom of this page and click "I followed all 11 authors on BookBub."

It's that simple! 


Q: I'm not a member of BookBub, may I come to your homes and wash each of your cars instead?
A: Tempting, but...no. You must follow each of us on BookBub to be entered to win. 

Q: I've never heard about BookBub. Is it a cult?
A: Not even! Sign up for BookBub, and you'll never miss another ebook sale again! They alert you every time your favorite author is having a sale! Even if you're not a fan of ebooks, BookBub is a great way to find out when your favorite author releases a new print book! 

Q: May I choose the pie plate I want to win? 
A: Sorry, no. We love you dearly, but pie plates will be chosen at random for the eleven winners chosen at random.

Q: But what if I really, really want the Christmas pie plate and it matches the dishes I got from my Aunt Mabel? Can I choose it then?
A: Again, we love you dearly (although slightly less than a minute ago), but no. The pie plates will be chosen at random. (Although the three "truly sweet" authors among us may sneak over to your house, spy at your kitchen, and choose the pie plate that coordinates best!)

Q: How are the pie plates chosen? By eleven naughty elves?
A: You wish! Each of the eleven authors is choosing a pie plate she loves and is sending that to one special reader. Which is way better than the naughty elves.

Q: When will the eleven winners be drawn?
A: Winners will be drawn at random on December 20 and will be notified the following day. Winners will have 24 hours to respond to the author who sends the email.  So be watching your email that day! 

Q: What if I receive an email but don't get back to the author within 24 hours? May I still win?
A: Sorry, but no. We want to get these pie plates in the mail so you can use them for Christmas! So please be watching your email.

We love you, international friends, but due to mailing costs, we can only mail these prizes to U.S. addresses. But we're sending you each yummy virtual pies in our hearts!

Before you start clicking!

We hope you'll check out the books listed in each author's Follow on BookBub image below. A summary of each book is included to whet your appetite! Who knows, maybe you'll find a great gift idea for that "bookish friend" on your list—or maybe something to add to your own Christmas wish list. 

Blessings to you in Christ this Christmas!

STEP #1 Follow each author on BookBub—

Grab a screenshot of this image for your shopping, if you want, then move to Step 2!

STEP #2 Open the Rafflecopter box below and answer ONE QUESTION!

That's it, my bookish friend! You're done! 

Now all you have to do is run buy your next favorite read—
and figure out which kind of pie you want to bake first if you're one of the eleven special winners!


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