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Bonus Features

The Chosen (a must-watch television series)

If there's one show I would encourage you to watch—especially during this time of our lives—it's The Chosen. This TV series is transformational, riveting, life-changing. And honestly, none of those descriptions even come close! 

Be sure and write me after you've watched it and let me know how you've been changed.  

Blessings in the name of Jesus,

Zooming during quarantine with author buddies!

Have you been Zooming with friends and loved ones? Isn't being in community with "your people," even virtually, so much more meaningful of late? It is to me! 

I recently got together with ten other author buddies to chat and answer some fun Q&A questions. Here's part 1 of 4. I'll share the other videos in coming days! If you have a moment, let me hear from you. I'd love to know how you're doing. 

From L to R: Top row—Robin Lee Hatcher, moi, Colleen Coble / 2nd row—Beth Vogt, Deborah Raney, Becky Wade / 3rd row—Julie Lessman, Katherine Reay, Denise Hunter / 4th row—Cara Putman, Rachel Hauck

Featured in Nashville A&E

For Writers

Facebook Live

Facebook LIVE chat party for Christmas at Carnton's release (with my daughter Kelsey)

This picture pretty up sums up the comedy of errors the evening turned out to be! : ) Thanks, all, who joined us.

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Really fun interview!

What a surprise...and thrill!

Novelist of the Month!

Listen as you read!

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Listen to #SpeakLight

Giving voice to the Word of God . . .

From the Blog . . .

Tamera is part of a group blog with ten other writers. She blogs every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at Inspired by Life...and Fiction. Here are some recent selections.

Odds & Ins . . .

A Step Forward & Back

Beginnings . . .

Southern Mansion Reader Weekend

When Fiction Takes on Real Life

What are you reading?

View pics from the 2018 Southern Mansion Reader Weekend—and find out how to attend the next one!


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