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From the pages of history and accounts of those who endured the Battle of Franklin, Tamera Alexander weaves real-life love letters into a story of unlikely romance first kindled amid the shadows of the Civil War.

With This Pledge

The first full-length novel in The Carnton Novels collection

#1 Amazon Bestseller Inspirational Historical Fiction

#1 Publisher's Weekly Religion Top Fiction (Starred Review)

#2 ECPA Bestseller 

2019 Christy Award WINNER

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From the pages of history and accounts of those who endured the Battle of Franklin, Tamera Alexander weaves real-life love letters into a story of unlikely romance first kindled amid the shadows of the Civil War. 

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Clouston's quietly held principles oppose those of the Southern Cause—but when forty thousand soldiers converge on the fields of Franklin, Tennessee, the war demands an answer. The Carnton home, where she is governess, is converted into a Confederate field hospital, and Lizzie is called upon to assist the military doctor with surgeries that determine life or death. Faced with the unimaginable, she must summon fortitude, even as she fears for the life of Towny, her fiancé and lifelong friend.

As a young soldier lies dying in Lizzie's arms, she vows to relay his final words to his mother, but knows little more than the boy's first name. That same night, decorated Mississippi sharpshooter Captain Roland Ward Jones extracts a different promise from Lizzie: that she intervene should the surgeon decide to amputate his leg.

Lizzie is nothing if not a woman of her word, earning the soldiers' respect as she tends to the wounded within Carnton's walls. None is more admiring than Captain Jones, who doesn't realize she is pledged to another. But as Lizzie's heart softens toward the Confederate captain, she discovers that his moral ground is at odds with her own. Now torn between love, principles, and pledges made, she struggles to be true to her own heart while standing for what she knows is right—no matter the cost.

This historical novel is a standalone, though it can be read as part of Tamera Alexander's series, the Carnton novels.

Prequel novella: Christmas at Carnton
Book One: With This Pledge

Book Length: approximately 132,000 words. Includes a reading group guide, recipes, and notes from the author.  

Praise for With This Pledge

"Tamera Alexander takes us to the Civil War battlefield with a vivid yet sensitive portrayal of war and its aftermath. With warmth and grace, she shows us hope and faith at work in the midst of suffering. The beautifully-drawn characters and rich history in With This Pledge work seamlessly to demonstrate that Christ's love and romantic love can triumph even in our darkest moments." ~ Lynn Austin, bestselling author of Legacy of Mercy

"Tamera Alexander's With This Pledge is not only historical fiction as its best, but its most compelling." ~ Jolina Petersheim, bestselling author How the Light Gets In

"Based on actual events surrounding the Battle of Franklin in 1864, Tamera Alexander vividly captures the resilience, strength, and ultimate hope of those men and women who endured this dark chapter in American history." ~ Joanna Stephens, Curator, The Battle of Franklin Trust (Carnton)

"Alexander paints a vivid portrait of Southern life near the end of the Civil War in this well-researched historical romance. After the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, on November 30, 1864, Carnton Home is designated a field hospital for the South and Lizzie Clouston, a governess, is quickly pressed into service as a nurse. Drama ensues as she promises a young soldier she'll deliver a letter for him and helps wounded Captain Roland Jones fight back against the doctor who wants to amputate his leg.

While helping others, Lizzie is also conflicted, as she wants to honor her pledge to marry her childhood friend even as she falls for the widowed Roland. Complicating matters further, Roland is a slave owner while Lizzie is an abolitionist. Both Lizzie and Roland struggle with their faith in the midst of the misery of war. Roland has been angry at God since his wife and daughter died, but desperation and grace serve to bring him back to prayer. Lizzie finds it difficult to trust in God, but ultimately continues to believe.

Against the painful and gore-filled backdrop of war, Alexander has created an exceptional tale of faith, hope, and love based on a real-life romance.

"There are certain events and heroic acts over the course of time which ought to be preserved in the memory of our collective history, and Alexander honors Civil War Carnton's residents and those they encountered with her grace, craft, and class. The atmosphere of turmoil, grief, and stride is palpable, yet the everyday living of life moves forward despite extraordinarily tragic circumstances. The author treats each historical and fictional character with reverent respect and maintains a sense of authenticity and raw humanity throughout. The bravery and sacrifice, courage and boldness embodied by this story will stir the reader's pride in and compassion for mankind. This story of hope amidst tragedy is a must-read for fans of well-researched historical fiction and heartwarming silver linings."
Hope by the Book (Reviewer: Beth Erin)

ECPA Bestsellers February 2019

Do you love reading real love stories? Me too!

Captain Roland Ward Jones and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Clouston—the hero and heroine in With This Pledge—truly met and fell in love at Carnton following the Battle of Franklin in December 1864. In researching and writing their love story in this first full-length Carnton novel, I had the extreme pleasure of connecting with Captain Jones' great-great-great grandson, David!

David shared the love letters between Roland and Lizzie with me, along with the family history (along with the wonderful folks at Carnton), and this rich wealth of resources and "insider insights" made the writing journey an absolutely wonderful one. And challenging too! To say I'm excited to share With This Pledge—Roland and Lizzie's love story—with you is an understatement. 

God's richest blessings, and please let me hear from you after you've read it! Write me here.


Featured in The Tennessean (Sunday, February 3)

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