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Leaving a brief review with your personal opinion about one of my novels you've read really helps other readers to know whether that particular novel might be right for them! It doesn't have to be a long review—stats show that shorter reviews are much more effective! And no need to share a summary of the plot either. All of the sites below already include that.

Instead, include your thoughts as you were reading the story, how you connected with the characters, and what emotions you felt as you turned that final page. That's what other readers want to know.

Need an example of some fabulous—and brief—reviews?

"Alexander has become a favorite author of mine. This book was amazing! I was sad it was the last in the series, but it doesn't disappoint in any area. This book transports you back in time. I think it might be Alexander's best book yet! It's a wow, and I just can't do this book review enough justice. It's amazing on every level."
~ Amazon Reader about
To Wager Her Heart

"Tamera Alexander knows how to tell a bittersweet story with the Civil War as the backdrop. Loved the length of this novella, not too short yet not yet a novel. Appreciated the emotional dilemmas/struggles that Alexander portrays. Will definitely be looking forward to the first novel in her coming series and reading Elizabeth Clouston and Captain Roland Jones' story!"
~ CBD.com Reader about Christmas at Carnton

Grateful beyond words (and that's really something!),

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